Prayer to invoke Allah

The proof that Allah does not exist
it is in the words of Koran

Water existed before the Koranic creation
and Allah lived and lives even now on the water



Koran: The contradictions of Allah - Surah 4,82

The Koran and Mohammed’s citations [hadith] describe Allah’s life
before creating the universe


notification to Muslims

  Muhammed’s hadith

  There was Allah and
  there wasn’t anything
  except to Him, his
  throne was on the waters

The cloud of Allah

The water and the throne
where Allah lived
before the Creation
and before the Big Bang




He... created in six days, while before his throne was established on the water  

        Koran 11,7  Edited by M. M. Moreno, Ed. UTET, 1967 - Italy

Water et Creation of Allah - where there is water there is life

Let's start with two questions:

HOW it is possible to explain the presence of water before of Creation?

WHY Allah, before Creation
, was on waters and not in the absolute emptiness?

According to the koranic science the empty space was a mortal precipice (Koran 35,41) likewise the horror of empty of aristotelic physic (horror vacui). In this abyss at the limitless neither Allah could stay suspended in the empty so that the mass of water filled up the space to permit to Allah to float in the empty. In this scenery, collocated befor of Creation, the existence of water was licit (Koran 11,7) because it was considered a primordial and indivisible element, as in the ancient Talete’s belief (600 B.C.) till to Lavoisier’s molecular discovered in 1783.

So, for Koran, water existed before of Creation while today we know that water is a chemical composite [H2O] formed millions of years after Big Bang. As consequence, the koranic Creation happened after that the universe was born, without Allah’s knowledge.

On this incongruity of Islamic creationism, our investigation begins. The comparison is between the theses of Islamic science with the theses of the scientific method.



The "seven deadly sins" of Koranic creationism

I)  Sura 11,7: comparison on eight translations of Koran:

We start to compare six translations of Koran, an exegetic Islamic comment and a literal traslation.
1)  «created in six day...  his throne was (first of creation) established on waters»

Vincenzo Calza, 1847

2)  «created in six day...  while his throne hovered on the water»

 Alessandro Bausani, 1955

3)  «created in six day...  while before his throne was established on the water»

 Martino M. Moreno, 1967

4)  «created in six day...  his throne, first of creation, was established on waters»

 Francesco Aniballi, 2002

5)  «created in six day...  while his throne was on the water»

 Gabriele Mandel, 2004

6)  «created in six day...  while [it was] on the water of His Throne»

Hamza R. Piccardo, 2016

7)  «created in six day...  his Throne...[before the creation...] it was on the water»

Exegetic Islamic  Kamal Faqih, 2000


The Koran, version Vincenzo Calza, Pontifical Consul, translation from the French

The Koran M.M. Moreno UTET 1967 and Ed. Republic 2005

The Koran, translator Annibaldi, 2002

The Koran, translator Gabriele Mandel, 2004

The Koran, translator Hamza R. Piccardo, 2016, Saudi Arabia state

Koran exegesis, Islamic studies

Vincenzo Calza
Console pontificio
Dal francese 1847

Alessandro Bausani 
Ed. Sansoni 1955

M. M. Moreno 
Ed. UTET 1967
Repubblica 2005

Francesco Aniballi
Ed. Gangemi 2002

Gabriele Mandel
Ed. UTET 2004

Hamza R. Piccardo
Ed. Newton 2016



8)   Literal Arabic Italian translation of the Quran - L. Bonelli, 1979
Luigi Bonelli
Ed. Hoepli, Milano, 1940
  He created the sky and the land, on six days, = while 
  before it was on the throne established on the waters =

The literary translation is the pre-translation able to decode the meaning of sentences with a syntactic, logical and on time


From the comparison, it emerges that some translators indicated the presence of water before the Creation while others during the Creation of Allah. To melt this "temporal knot" it is not sufficient  the evidence of the translation word by word (Comparison n. 8  Examine) but it occurs to dig up in the essential biography of Islam, mentioning as witnesses others texts of Koran, some Muhammed’s citations [hadith] and the exegesis of Islamic translation. In substance, it is necessary to pick up seven Islamic clues to have a certain proof.


II)  Water before of the Creation

The first declaration is found in a Muhammed’s citation [hadith].
«The Prophet said: There was Allah and there wasn’t anything except to Him; his throne was on the waters and then He created skies and the world...»  (1)

Narrated by ‘Imran ibn Husain, partner of Prophet, Bukhari Collection

And then He created

In this hadith we find the same incongruence of Koranic verse 11,7: when there wasn’t anything beyond Allah, water and throne existed. In front of this evident contradiction, Koranic exegesis replies that "They are things beyond Allah". But it is a senseless answer before creation there could be nothing except Allah. Otherwise, what is Creation? So, now, we want to underline that just the prophet Mohammed, just the messenger of koranic Revelation, confirmed that water and the throne existed before of Creation.

A second test arrives from two authoritative Islamic exegetes.
(838-923) and Ibn Kathir (1301-1373) refer when Allah’s delegate was interrogated on the Koranic verse 11,7, so he asked: "Before oCreation, Allah was in a nebulous mass" (2) Also this declaration confirms the presence of water before of the Creation but it adds a new circumstance: Allah lived in a nebulous mass. So, Allah was completely enveloped by the waters.

Initial nebula of the Big Bang and mass of Nebula of Allah
the cloud of Allah

Islamic contemporary exegesis, to accept this water-bearing winding, associated the "nebulous mass", that surrounded Allah before Creation, to an "initial nebula" of the Big Bang. (3) But before Creation and before Big Bang did not exist nor could exist nobody "physical mass": first "gass mass" was formed hundreds of thousands of years later (after the formation of elementary particles and atoms) while first "nebulous masses" hundreds of millions of years later. So, the Islamic exegesis falsified physic to elude the conflict between modern science and Creationism and it alters the astronomy. In each case, we are at the third clue.


III)  Divine water or natural water?
At this point, it is fine to ask to ourselves: the "nebulous mass" was really a mass of water? To disperse each doubt we bring an explicative note treated from the Islamic official version of Koran in Italian language. We read it:

«Allah is above all things... and it was above also before that the sky and the land were created. In that time, on His Power on the Creation was represented by the domain of waters...» (4)
It is in the Koran translated by Hamza R. Piccardo
(Islamic), inspected from Italian Islamic community (UCOII) and approved by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Arabia Saudita (Medina).

The Koran, Hamza R. Piccardo, 2016

It is the fourth test that includes a fifth comparison. The author of explicative note is one of translators of Koran that has collocated water and the throne of Allah during the Creation, while in his exegetic comment  (4) he specified that water existed before Creation.

Then there is a sixth test founded on contrary proofs: nobody Islamic theological interpreted water in metaphoric sense or in allegorical terms. Indeed, in Koran it has been written that Allah’s pure water is the same water raining on the ground (Koran 25,48 and 16,10).


IV)  The necessity of water

Allah needed water to float in space because it was inconceivable "to walk in the void", even for God. In any case, the water necessary to Allah reveals a lacunose God, with the aggravating circumstance that Koranic God ignored the peculiarities of the "absolute void".

The astronaut McCandless has  showed that in the "relative void" one does not fall, but one walks freely without hooks and without any points of support (NASA,1984 - Floats Free in Space VIDEO). So, Allah did not know that to 400 km above the World (the same distance Rome/Milan) reduces the force of gravity and it hovers almost freely. Well, so the McCandless historical walking, his own free fluctuate in the "cosmic void" (for over five hours) are the evidences that Allah has never been in the heavens. Now we don’t count more the tests.

Walk in the void - McCandless NASA 1984

science disavow the creation of Allah


Between science and the Koran. Allah inside the water


Aristotelian physics rejected the concept of emptiness because it is "without substance", consequently Koranic science stuffed the empty with “mass of water” allowing Allah to hover in a space "full of substance". In this scenery, before Creation, water is necessarily an eterne and uncreated substance.

Really in Koran, it hasn’t been written that water is uncreated and eterne but its eternity has been written in Allah's cohabitation on waters before the Creation. On the other side, if Islamic God confessed the eternity of water, it could not use the support of water and so Allah would be gone down in the empty! Thus, the implicit placet on the eternity of water allowed his survival, forming the inseparable binomial Allah-water. We are in front of a ridiculous creationism having water from all the parts.

Allah falls into the void. The fall of Allah


V)  Where is Allah living today?

Water: chemical composite H2O

At this point another question opens: Allah lives still today on waters? Confirmation is in Muhammed’s words: "his throne is upon water" - is = present time.

Hadith narrated by Abu Huraira, friend of Prophet; Bukhari collection vol.9, book 93, n. 515; commentary Fath al-Bari

So, if it is true that borders of universe are in continue expansion and it is true that Allah transcends borders of universe, well the water here exist over the borders of universe. There is a scientific misery to stay shocked!

  the clouds in two images of Muhammad

VI)  The throne before of the Creation

The throne of Allah on the waters

Numerous verses of Koran confirm the presence of Allah's throne before Creation. In particular, after having created the universe, Allah erected on the throne where he sat (7,54−10,3−13,2− 20,5−25,59−32,4− 57,4).

But the throne is a material entity or a symbolic figure? Also here there is a precise answer: "All that support the Throne and all that who encircle it, they glorify and they praise God..." (Koran 40,7). Allah does not comprises about what he says: he declares that His throne has to be supported. Consequently, the throne is a heavy and material object, with a lot of pre-existing "mass" to the Creation.

Mass and its weight exclude each abstraction of divine seat and so, before of the Creation, other the liquid state (water) there was also the solid state (throne). There is a creationism surpassing comic sense.

About this purpose there is to observe that the throne, being shaped on human body, it reveals a vertebrate God. But if the divine Spirit is lacking of form and of substance it has no sense to sit: while the form of the throne is revealing the back and the buttocks of Allah. Well, where is the God transcending human morphology?


VII)  The science of sustain

In front of the incongruence of a "material throne", the theologian Ibn ‘Abbas, Muhammed’s cousin and friend, hypnotised in the throne "an allegory of Allah Science". (5) It is the classical exegetic expedient to justify a divine incongruence, however contested and confirmed.

Really, Allah didn’t know neither elementary laws of physic. The Onniscient Allah believed that birds could not fly alone: "Who stops birds from the fallen down? It is not that the Compassionate." (Koran 16,79 e 67,19) It is a thesis really funny that also poles are smiling. More, actualising Allah’s thought, also the airplanes are supported by the divine Supporter.

In effect, for koranic science nothing can stay suspended in the void where water supports Allah, and Allah sustains birds and also the universe.
The Koran says it: "Allah holds skies and land just they do not go down because, if they go down, nobody could be held except to Him"
(Koran 35,41), not saying that Allah was and is supported by water. At this point, it says that the Supporter and the Possessor of force come back between divine attributes of Allah (Koran 51,58), but then they reveal themselves a real failure: from a side Allah sustains who has not be sustained (birds, airplanes and cosmos) and on the other side Omnipotent is not able to stand himself in empty space and needs water to avoid falling into space. Where is Allah Akbar?

The aerodynamic and the effort of gravity - Allah

The aerodynamic and
the effort of gravity
not known to Allah




We have surpassed seven clues, but now I have the duty to answer
 in first person on two questions formulated by Allah on his Creation:

  Allah... created without that you see none lack in the creation of
Compassionate. Do you observe, do you look some crevices

Koran 67,3

  If you are in doubt about what we have Revealed... then you
 produce a Surah and you call upon your witnesses outside of Allah

Koran 2,33


Muhammad Messenger

Dear Allah,
Big Bang does not exclude Creation, but the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen, existing before of Your Creation, they are mute witnesses of your “divine crevice”. And now they are speaking witnesses that koranic Creationism is a scientific and religious  hoax .

My dear Allah,
Atoms are the universal witnesses to refute your Revelation. In atoms there is mass, there is energy, there is thermodynamics, there is mechanical physics and quantum physics... Moreover, where there is the water molecule, life exists.

Dearest Allah,
You are a "theological puppet" created by a novelist disguised by Messenger of God.


Nevertheless, the same novelist was aware that “many contradictions” are presented in koran text. He declares it openly: «If Koran came from others and not from Allah, they would have found many contradictions» (Sura 4,82). In this thesis, clearly auto-contradictory, it hides Mohamed’s project: to eclipse Koran’s contradictions doing believe that it was dictated by God. Simulation functioned for many centuries but time is a big teacher.


Author: Dr. Alfredo Alì

Naples, July 2018

books of the notes

 Hadith Muhammad  1) Getting to Know Allah, Legacy Edition - pag. 110

Hadith: 'Imran ibn Husayn, companion of the Prophet


 The Koran, translator Hamza R. Piccardo, 2016, Saudi Arabia state  2) Il Corano, Hamza R. Piccardo - Ed. Newton Compton 2016 - Nota a pag. 193

«…while His Throne (was) on waters…»: classical announcers (Tabari XII. 4-5. Ibn KAthir II, 437) refer to when Allah’s sender (peace and benedictions on himself) was questioned about this expression and he answered: «Allah was a nebulous mass, before creation».

  3) Il Corano, Hamza R. Piccardo - Ed. Newton Compton 2016 - Nota a pag. 194

 Initial nebula

   4) Il Corano, Hamza R. Piccardo - Ed. Newton Compton 2016 - Nota a pag. 194

Allah is over everything because he has all the space and all the time of creation and it was before that skies and the land were created too. In that time, His Lordship created on it was represented from the dominium of waters, of steams in that “nebulous-

5) Il Corano, Hamza R. Piccardo - Ed. Newton Compton  2016 - Nota a pag. 194

According to the «Throne», an Ibn ‘Abbas interpretation would be an allegory of Allah Science, where all is in himself, it sounds it could bear this interpretation.


How Allah lived: Surah 11.7▐ Empty/precipice: Surah 35.41▐ Divine/natural water: Surah 25.48 and 16.10▐ Raise on the throne: Surah 7.54- 10.3- 13.2- 20,5- 25,59- 32,4- 57,4▐ Materiality of the throne: Surah 40,7▐ Attributes of Allah: Surah 51,58▐ How the birds fly: Surah 16,79 and 67,19▐ Creation Slit: 67.3▐ Sathya Antonyma Creation: Sura 2,23▐ Contradictions in the Quran: Surah 4.82

puppet and puppeteer, Allah and Mohammed

Muhammad used
the "Word of God"
to sacralize a profane text



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The cloud of Allah. The icon of Allah